Blacksmiths belong to the oldest trade, far, far away in time and deep in our roots, in the earth and in the fire. I can feel the fire so deep in my guts that I cannot help revealing this passion in my work.

I have mastered wrought iron for fifteen years now and each day brings me great satisfaction. The chance to transform matter through fire refers directly to alchemy, an open door towards not only the transformation of the matter, but of our entire being.

After practicing here in Sherbrooke for some years, I went straight to Europe to learn from the very source of the savoir-faire. I studied for a year in a specialized school and there discovered these ancient techniques which resonate within me like a déjà-vu.

Only then, I realized the extent of the possibilities that were offered to me…

My artistic objectives became clearer and I integrated these gestures as old as the world itself in my own modern style. Wood, stone, and glass marry with the metal harmoniously and from that union come the fabulous creations that characterize my work.

But the foretold moment when time stops and magic happens is the time allowed for pure creations, creations also called sculptures. The very instant when the necessity of functionality disappears, making space for the beauty and for the essence of things, is where emotion becomes alive and when creativity can be shared frankly.

My years of experience and my mastery of certain types of work such as entrance gates or staircases give me the capacity for managing and creating projects that go beyond the human scale. Urban and garden sculptures are possible now and sharing with people becomes exponential.

A whole life doesn’t seem long enough to realize all the projects that I have in mind!

I’m rejoicing at the thought of all the years I still have ahead of me to keep experimenting with this extraordinary medium.

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